Leading San Francisco Cyber Security Firm, Anchor Advisory Announces New Page on Cyber Risk Assessment for Bay Area Companies

Leading San Francisco Cyber Security Firm, Anchor Advisory Announces New Page on Cyber Risk Assessment for Bay Area Companies

San Francisco, California – September 28, 2019. Anchor Advisory, a managed IT consulting firm in San Francisco is proud to announce a new informational web page focused on cyber security and network risks. Cyber Risk Assessment firm in San FranciscoAs computing evolves, more and more Bay Area companies are facing enhanced Internet and cyber security risks. The newly announced page helps San Francisco Bay Area companies explore their options to mitigate such risks.

“One would think with the technology which we have today that cyber security would be easier to manage, but it’s not. Criminals are always searching for new loopholes into a business network,” explained George Fu, technical director at Anchor Advisory. “We know it’s a game of whack-a-mole. New schemes to infiltrate a business network are constantly popping up. It’s our job to stay aware of the latest strategies and ahead of the bad guys, and our new informational page helps San Francisco Bay Area business owners begin to ponder their own vulnerabilities.”

Interested persons can review the new cyber-risk assessment firm page for San Francisco businesses at https://www.anchoradvisoryinc.com/cyber-risk-assessment/. To find out more details about the on-going threat of cyber attacks on corporate assets, please go to the Anchor Advisory blog page.


Here is the background on this release. Leaders of both large and small businesses in the Bay Area can struggle with the danger of cyber threats. An on-site IT (Information Technology) employee can help deter some of the risks but might miss newer hacking strategies. A frequent cyber security audit by a professional team of white hat experts could be the answer.The risk of data hacking in the Bay Area is a real problem for businesses, both big and small. Customer data, online banking, and corporate information can turn into money for a hacker. In-house IT teams could be busy with data management and networking projects. Taking the time to research new black hat techniques and close loopholes in a system may not be a priority. It could be time to reach out to a cyber risk assessment firm in San Francisco.

Outside forces driven to make money on valuable corporate information may not give up. If one breach is detected and closed, hackers immediately sniff around for a new weakness in a business network. In house IT employees might be busy with other projects and may not have the time to defend every cyber attack on a system. Reaching out to a team of highly-experienced ‘white hat’ consultants could save a company’s valued data.

The newly announced information page shares the importance of frequent IT audits to help detect weakness in a network before a hacker can break-in. Computer security services include deep dives into a business network, IT consulting, and security continuity. Busy corporate leaders might be too busy to play games with IT security. A top cyber risk assessment firm can help with a game plan to fend off hackers. For these reasons, Anchor Advisory has announced a new page focused on cyber risk assessment in San Francisco.

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Anchor Advisory is a best-in-class San Francisco IT consulting and information technology firm. The company’s IT experts focus on helping Bay Area businesses manage their IT needs; its managed IT services and cybersecurity consulting and IT security services including computer security, cyber risk assessment, and compliance readiness. For more specialized services, consultants offer cyber risk, SOC, system, and organizational control as well as FISMA / FedRamp and, of course, GDPR compliance. If a business is in San Francisco or elsewhere in the Bay Area, please give the IT consulting firm a call for a free estimate and analysis.

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