Your IT Systems Are Vulnerable, Because There Are Hackers Everywhere in SF

Your IT Systems Are Vulnerable, Because There Are Hackers Everywhere in SF

You’re vulnerable to hacking. Yes, you. You there on an open Wi-Fi at a cafe in San Francisco. You, with employees logging into cat meme sites on Facebook as they commute up from Palo Alto to SF.IT systems and hackersYou there, with USB drives being used across your network. Our IT security consulting can help you “herd the cats” of your employees for better IT security.

The problem is that as each new piece of technology is devised and put into action, the hackers are not very far behind. Most of them do it for the money they can demand from you in order to free up your systems again, but there are others who just do it for kicks. They do it just for the pleasure of being able to hack into your systems, and some of them are not very old either.

Then there was Gary McKinnon who was accused of hacking into ninety-seven United States military and NASA computers over a thirteen-month period between February 2001 and March 2002, at the house of his girlfriend’s aunt in London, using the name ‘Solo’. US authorities stated he deleted critical files from operating systems, which shut down the United States Army’s Military District of Washington network of two thousand computers for twenty-four hours.

Your San Francisco Business Can Be Just As Much A Target As The Next One

If somebody can hack into US military computers, then yours are not exactly safe. Fair enough, they may not be such an exciting target, but then other hackers are not doing it for the reasons that McKinnon was accused of, but rather because they want to extract money from you, so your business can be just as much of a target as the next one. Indeed, if a hacker started trying to get into your systems and found that it looked as though it would be fairly simple, then he – or she – is just going to carry on until they have cracked it.

This is why your business needs the IT security consulting we can provide you with at Anchor Advisory. When you run a business, if someone hacks your IT systems, it is going to come to a grinding halt. Apart from anything else, it is then going to cost you a lot of money for someone to come in and sort out the mess. Far better to use our IT security consulting services and prevent the mess from occurring in the first place.

You could also lose a lot of customers if your systems go down. Imagine a brewer telling his customers that he can’t supply any beer this week for one reason or another. All those bars would simply order from somewhere else, and probably never go back. The same thing could happen to you. IT security is critical to the profitability of your business.

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