Anchor Advisory Inc., a San Francisco Managed IT Firm, Announces New Post on the Advantages of Professional Managed Information Technology Services

Anchor Advisory Inc., a San Francisco Managed IT Firm, Announces New Post on the Advantages of Professional Managed Information Technology Services

San Francisco, California – November 2, 2019. Anchor Advisory, one of San Francisco’s’ top managed IT firms, is proud to announce a new blog post on how to avoid unexpected system shutdowns. San Francisco Managed IT firmThe reality is that cybercriminals troll business networks daily searching for access to valuable company data, and only a team of IT professionals skilled in so-called ‘hacker-proof’ methods can truly protect corporate information technology assets.

“Companies forget that hackers are not necessarily random troublemakers working alone. Professional hackers exist, and they are going after Bay Area businesses 24/7,” explained George Fu, technical director at Anchor Advisory. “Our team of best-in-class IT consultants right here in San Francisco stay on top of the latest hacker strategies and uses this knowledge to help our clients prevent security outbreaks.”

Business leaders can read the latest blog post from Anchor Advisory about the advantages of managed IT services at There, they can learn that cybersecurity can be a full-time job for company IT departments. Professional hackers may break into a networking system at any time and shut a business down. Frequent maintenance and IT reviews could help curb hackers’ ability to break in. Interested parties can dive deeper to learn about managed IT support, including cybersecurity checks and infrastructure reviews at the new information page at


Here is the background for this release. Bay Area companies can employ large teams of IT professionals to help maintain a business network. Standard projects, including system upgrades and adding new off-site networks, can keep an in-house IT department busy. Business leaders might forget the value of consistent cyber risk assessment.

Professional hackers are on the lookout for loopholes in company networks 24/7. A distracted IT team might miss critical network openings. Reaching out to a San Francisco Managed IT firm skilled in the latest hacker techniques could help.

An in-house team of IT employees could understand a few hacking techniques, but spend most of their time managing system projects. A professional managed IT firm contracted to focus on cybersecurity can help keep a business safe and running. Professional IT experts are knowledgeable about current techniques hackers use to steal sensitive business data. Frequent maintenance of company networks, or perceived ‘hacker management,’ could keep a network secure and running smoothly. For these reasons, Anchor Advisory announced a new informational post about the value of frequent cybersecurity check-ups.


Anchor Advisory is a best-in-class San Francisco IT consulting and information technology firm. The company’s IT experts focus on helping Bay Area businesses manage their IT needs, its managed IT services and cybersecurity consulting, and IT security services, including computer security, cyber risk assessment, and compliance readiness. For more specialized services, consultants offer cyber risk, SOC, system, and organizational control as well as FISMA / FedRamp and, of course, GDPR compliance. If a business is in San Francisco or elsewhere in the Bay Area, please give the IT consulting firm a call for a free estimate and analysis.

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