Information Technology Is Developing Faster Than Bay Area Traffic

Information Technology Is Developing Faster Than Bay Area Traffic

We live in the information age. Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and his pals, not so many years after he invented the world wide web, today we have half the population of San Francisco walking around with their heads buried in their mobiles. Managed IT here in the Bay Area(This is actually becoming quite a problem, because pedestrian accidents are occurring as a result). Mobile phones used to be called exactly that, but today they are pocket computers that just happen to have a phone in them as one of their functions.

If you stop to think about it, it is astounding just how fast information technology has developed over the last few years. Today, you cannot run any sort of business without using computers, tablets, or mobiles, even if you run a mom and pop corner store. You still have to go online to place your orders, accept orders from customers, and you need a website. In fact, it is now said that if you don’t have a website, you don’t have a business. Heck, even my local barber has a website.

So if you run any sort of business these days, you have information technology needs, and at Anchor Advisory that is what we provide. One of the most important aspects of our work is IT security, sometimes called network security or cybersecurity. Hackers are at work everywhere, and it doesn’t matter what time of day or night it is because they are at work everywhere in the world. This means that you can close your business in Noe Valley, the Castro, or the Avenues, late in the afternoon and come in next morning to find that, for all practical purposes, you don’t have a business anymore. It really has got that bad.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure (when it comes to Information Tech)

At the very least, if your information technology systems get hacked, it is going to cost you a small fortune to get it sorted out. Oh yes, at Anchor Advisory we can do it for you, but you are far better off putting in place systems that prevent you from getting hacked in the first place. It is simply a form of insurance. You insure your home, so that if anything goes wrong the cost of repairs is covered. At least, if your house gets flooded, you can move into a hotel for a bit. If your business goes down you suddenly have zero income, and nothing coming in with which to pay your staff.

Then there is the simple matter of making certain that all your IT systems are using the very latest technology so that your competitors don’t take away your customers because you are falling behind. Customers in the 21st century can be very picky and if you can’t provide the service that they need when they need it, they will simply walk and not come back. This is another very good reason for having one of our experts take an in-depth look at your systems and help you to keep them up to date.

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