Many San Francisco Companies are in Technology and Have Cyber Risk

Many San Francisco Companies are in Technology and Have Cyber Risk

Many companies in San Francisco are internet-based or technology companies. Therefore, they have a lot of “cyber” or “internet” risk. Cyber Risk assessmentHackers are always out there, and the fact is that a lot of them are very “tech savvy” and good at what they do. Yes, a lot of them are of criminal intent; others just do it for fun in order to see if they can crack your defences.

Either way, when a hacker does crack your defences it can quite easily put you out of business. It is no laughing matter.

Sure, on a private laptop you may have McAfee or something similar installed, and that will defend you against a lot of attacks, but when you run a business you have all sorts of different people using your systems for different purposes. What do you do if one of those employees turns rogue? Are you protected?

How do you know what the risks are? Certainly, you may be protected against everything that happened up until yesterday, but what happens when a hacker finds a new angle tomorrow?

This Is Why You Need Anchor Advisory

This is why you need Anchor Advisory. We are a leading cyber risk assessment consulting firm in San Francisco, and we can carry out a complete audit of your systems and find out just how secure, or insecure, you are. A large part of our work involves keeping up with the very latest tricks that hackers are using and ensuring that we know what malware is likely to be coming next. As a cyber risk consulting firm in San Francisco that is a very important part of our job.

Another very important point is backup and recovery. Not only can your servers be attacked by hackers, but your business can be affected by other things that have nothing to do with hacking. What happens if you have a fire in your office building? Bang goes all your hardware, and without backup and recovery, bang goes your business as well.

Certainly, you doubtless insure your building against fire, and probably all your hardware too. But without backup and recovery you still don’t have a business. All right, it is not a cyber risk, but nonetheless vital if disaster should strike. At least, if you can access all your information you can start again. If you can’t you won’t be able to.

As a cyber risk consulting firm in San Francisco, Anchor Advisory takes every possibility into account. We can run a complete audit of your security and provide you with an assessment. Then we can put all the necessary steps into place to ensure that your business is secure no matter what happens.

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