Unless You Are Really High-Tech, Outsourcing Your IT (Information Technology) Will Save You Headaches

Unless You Are Really High-Tech, Outsourcing Your IT (Information Technology) Will Save You Headaches

Managed IT means outsourcing your IT – Information Technology – to one of the managed IT firms in San Francisco such as ourselves here at Anchor Advisory.Managed IT Firm San Francisco

Why would you do that? Well, the simple fact is that, as you have probably noticed, IT is developing at a very rapid rate. Think about it: 30 years ago, nobody had heard of email. Send a written message from the US to the UK, or to New Zealand, or Japan, down a telephone line and get an answer back in two or three minutes? Who do you think you are kidding?

15 years ago, a cloud was one of those things up in the sky that dropped rain, hail, or snow on you. Or if it didn’t do that, at the very least it blocked out the sunlight. Today it is somewhere to store all your business information on somebody else’s servers which are far more secure than the ones in your office, and which you can also access from anywhere in the world that happens to have an internet connection – which is most of it.

How Technology Has Advanced!

How technology has gathered apace! And as it has done so, there are more and more things which can go wrong with it. Everyone knows that here in the San Francisco Bay Area as we are literally at the “center” of the information technology revolution.

At Anchor Advisory, we are one of the foremost managed IT firms in San Francisco. We are IT specialists. The more technology has advanced the more we love it, because we enjoy getting to grips with it and ensuring that our clients’ information is where it can be accessed most easily and where we can block hackers and other people who would wish to steal your information.

Let’s face it, today hackers are everywhere. A few youngsters do it for fun, just to see how clever they can be, but most are doing it for the simple reason that they want to persuade you to send them money. They totally screw up your system and then tell you to send them thousands of dollars and if you don’t, they will leave it screwed up. If you do, they will kindly release your system again.

But how do you know that? You could actually send them a chunk of cash (usually Bitcoin because it can’t be traced) and then have them demand some more.

This is why you are far safer today by outsourcing your IT to one of the leading managed IT firms in San Francisco such as ourselves. Our experts can analyze your information technology requirements and put systems into place that will keep your business running, no matter what.

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