Remember Staples’ “Easy Button”? Our San Francisco Information Technology Consulting Is the Same

Remember Staples’ “Easy Button”? Our San Francisco Information Technology Consulting Is the Same

Not so many years ago, Staples had their ads featuring the “Easy Button”. You probably remember them. Anchor Advisory is the “Easy Button” for 2020 IT needs.They were a lot of fun, but as with most things, the ads ran their course. Now they are gone.

However, we still all want the “Easy Button” for many things. In fact, for pretty much everything, and no more so than when it comes to IT in your business.

The reason is very simple to understand. IT or ‘Information Technology’ is high-tech. You need IT (pardon the pun) in your business, but you can’t understand how it works. In that respect, it is similar to something like Alexa. It’s a fair bet that you don’t understand how that works. The only thing that matters is that it DOES work. You don’t need to know how or why. All the while it works, everything is fine.

And the same thing applies to the IT in your business. All the while it works, everything is fine.

However, the problem is that, if that goes wrong you are up a certain creek without a paddle. You can’t manage without it, yet it is also a fair bet that you don’t know where to begin if something goes wrong.

Oh, it’s fine for a big business. Somebody like Walmart employs, maybe, hundreds of IT experts who understand all this stuff and can fix it in the blink of an eye if it goes wrong. Better still, they can make certain that it is very unlikely to go wrong in the first place.

A Bay Area Small Business Cannot Afford To Employ A Team Of “Geeks”

But when you run a small or medium sized business, you can’t afford to employ a team of IT “geeks”. That is why you need Anchor Advisory in San Francisco to provide you with managed IT consulting. We can step in and help you with all your managed IT consulting needs in order to make sure that your systems run perfectly and are defended from such things as cyberattacks. We can be your “Easy Button”.

All you want is for your IT (Information Technology) to run seamlessly in the background and never have to worry about it. Our managed IT consulting is there to see that it does. Obviously, we need to understand what your business is about, what you do, and what your aims are, which is why we provide you with a free audit so that we can understand your systems, your people, and your goals.

Once we have done that, we can then produce a program for you which will take care of all your IT requirements – especially cybersecurity – in order to ensure that everything runs perfectly. Then you can get on with the important stuff, which is expanding your business, while we handle the tech stuff behind the scenes.

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