If You are a San Franciscan Worried about IT Security, Managed IT Services are the Answer

If You are a San Franciscan Worried about IT Security, Managed IT Services are the Answer

When you run any sort of a business here in San Francisco or elsewhere in the Bay Area, unless you are a one-man window cleaner, there are a million and one things to think about. Managed IT in San Francisco.Even if you do happen to be a window cleaner, there are still more things to do than just going into an office every day. But as a business owner, your concentration first and foremost has to be on sales: earning money by providing products and services to an ever-wider circle of customers is how any business grows.

However, when you are the “boss man” in San Francisco it doesn’t stop there. You have employees which means that you have payroll. If you produce products you need raw materials, you need equipment and machinery, you need to allow for staff holidays and still keep production going, and you probably rely on computers, the internet, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and all the other modern technology that keeps businesses running.

What you probably don’t have time to consider is that there are a lot of crooks out there who have considerable skills when it comes to manipulating IT in order to get your credit card details, and trick your computers into doing all sorts of things that you wouldn’t even think were possible – even if you thought about it at all. Not only that, these people are really very good at it.

It Could Put You Out Of Business – IT Management is a Serious Business in San Francisco

If your computers get hacked, at best it can mean a lot of downtime and aggravation for your business. At worst, it could quite literally put you out of business. Yet do you have the skills necessary to protect your business against these people? Unless you are in the IT (Information Technology) business yourself, the answer is almost certainly no. That wouldn’t be surprising because there are many business owners who haven’t a clue about how their IT systems work, because their specialty may be manufacturing cakes or bicycle wheels, so they hire people who do understand.

However, that doesn’t mean that your business is safe. By no means. Your employees may know how to program your computers to run certain parts of your business, but do they really understand hackers? That is extremely unlikely, which is why you need managed IT San Francisco by a company that does. At Anchor Advisory we provide managed IT San Francisco which can take all the worries off your back because we DO understand, and we know what steps to take to keep your business safe.

You stick to making bicycle wheels and let us look after your IT security with our managed IT San Francisco.

And when we need new wheels for our bike, we’ll get them from you.

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