Network Security Doesn’t Matter (Until it Does)

Network Security Doesn’t Matter (Until it Does)

Here in San Francisco, and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, we’re used to danger – and to doing next to nothing about it (well some of us). What do we mean? Well, network security of course. You might have thought we meant earthquakes. In both cases, the most common reaction is, “What? Me Worry?” Even though we live in the most active and most threatened fault zone in the United States, the home of the “Big One” here in San Francisco, we tend to deny it could ever happen, or at least merrily go on our way dining and drinking in our wonderful city, without a care in the world. Until we don’t. Until it hits.

San Franciscol: Leading the Way In, Network or CyberSecurity?

Now, we don’t mean to alarm you, but here’s a thought. California has actually led the nation in earthquake preparedness, especially through better and more stringent building codes. While the inhabitants of those buildings might not think about the next “big one,” the architects and builders have. They’ve created some of the best earthquake “security” technology in the country, no, in the world and embedded that into the buildings here in San Francisco. Now, not all buildings of course – primarily the new ones, and primarily the ones that have a lot of occupants, whether office buildings or the new apartment buildings that are sprouting up like mushrooms after a Spring rain.

Here’s where it gets interesting and earthquakes are like computer networks. How so? Well, first and foremost, the users take them for granted “when they work,” and “when they’re secure.” Most people just take for granted that their corporate WiFi is pretty secure, that their corporate email is pretty secure, and so on and so forth. When they zip off a corporate email, or (heaven forbid) attach a client PDF to an email that contains sensitive information, they take it for granted that it’s pretty secure. When they get hacked, well – oops, they’re surprised and oops, the panic begins. They look around and wonder (perhaps with some indignation), “Why didn’t so-and-so who’s in charge of our cybersecurity, prepare for this?” Well, hopefully you did.

And/or hopefully if you didn’t or can’t or don’t have the inclination, you called us here at Anchor Advisory. We’re one of the newest and most technologically savvy network security firms in San Francisco. We’re the architects and engineers who can define your network “for security” from the ground up. So, if you’re building a new business and want a cybersecure network, built correctly from the ground up, give us a call. Or, if you’re in an “old” network (think “old” building) and you need a) an audit, and b) a retrofit, we can help, too. After a thorough and in-depth cybersecurity audit, we’ll issue recommendations, help you devise a budget, and get your San Francisco business ready for the most current of all threats: cyber threats. Contact us today for an estimate!

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