Anchor Advisory: the Foremost San Francisco Colo Experts

Anchor Advisory: the Foremost San Francisco Colo Experts

Colocation, of course, is when your server for your corporate Intranet or website (or both) is actually and physically located off site. Colocation experts in San Francisco.It’s usually located at a major ISP. To do this right, takes colocation design experts, and at Anchor Advisory we are one of the best colocation design firms in San Francisco.

An intranet has several benefits. It means that larger corporations can make new resources or applications available to all employees, or alternatively only to those in a certain area of work. This helps towards cost savings and better efficiency. You don’t need to have IT (Information Technology) staff manually upload new software programs to each computer because employees can do it themselves. In addition, an intranet allows each employee to select the tools that are the most important to them.

Perhaps one of the most important benefits of using an intranet is the fact that your people can collaborate with each other. Staff can easily share information with each other across the next floor, the city, the state, or even the world, when they are working on the same project in different locations. So one employee can upload a document which can be shared by all others with a need to know, and it’s much safer than sending emails and more efficient than phone meetings and teleconferencing.

Communication is improved all round. You can have forums on certain aspects of the work where employees can join in, and they can offer ideas for new products or suggestions that would improve the workflow that they might not be comfortable doing in a face to face meeting.

Greater Security And Reliability

An intranet also provides greater security and reliability. You can allow access to certain areas only to authorized personnel and use encrypted technology and firewalls to protect data from hackers.

As the leading colocation design firm in San Francisco, Anchor Advisory can audit your company’s overall network requirements with a full analysis. This will show you where you stand at the moment and outline your security vulnerabilities – which most businesses have, even though they are not aware of them.

Security is a big issue at the moment. As more and more information moves into the cloud, greater security is essential to provide against new threats. We will advise on your colocation vulnerabilities and on the best way to deal with them, always with an eye on your budget.

Anchor Advisory is the foremost colocation design firm in San Francisco and will analyze all your business processes and the way in which they interface with networking and information technology. Computing and networking technology is always evolving and upgrading and we will ensure that we find the right solutions for your business. We’re also a leading Managed IT firm, so we can “do it all.” Just ask.

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